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Need to Know’s……

  •  Veterinary consent is required prior to attending massage therapy. You can download a form here.

  • Canine Conditioning - Assessment will be carried out at the beginning to assess that your dog is able to safely complete the program of exercises. It is not necessary to have veterinary consent, but is welcomed.

  • Payment; Bank transfer or cash. I’m afraid there is no card machine currently and so card payments cannot be taken. I require 24 hr notice if cancelling an appointment. There after a £15 fee is applicable.

  • Infectious disease – Please do not bring your dog if you know it has or has been in contact with a contagious/infectious disease.

  • Flea/tick treatments – Please avoid using external products (spot-on or spray) prior to attending your appointment. The chemicals are harmful to myself and I wish not to be exposed to them.

  • Vaccination – Please allow at least 2 weeks between vaccination and your appointment. Sometimes a dog can experience a reaction following massage if vaccinated too close to treatment.

  • Health & safety – You are responsible for your dogs safety and your own whilst on the property.

  • Pet Insurance – Direct claims are not offered. Please pay at time of booking or attending your appointment. If wishing to claim from your insurance, please check that they are happy to cover the cost of treatment, prior to attending. I do not deal with claims personally, but can provide receipts/invoices.

  • If your dog shows aggressive behaviour, then it is in the interest of my safety and also your dog’s, that it is muzzled. I will not treat a dog that show’s behaviour of an aggressive nature without a muzzle. Aggressive behaviour can arise from pain. You agree, that if I feel your animal is aggressive due to pain, that a muzzle will be used in order for me to help the animal and for my safety whilst doing so. As yet, I have never had to muzzle a dog. Pain can arise from a number of musculoskeletal issues, I will refer you back to your vet for anything I am unable to treat.

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