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What to expect.......

1 - 3 sessions of massage therapy, 1 week apart. This will ultimately depend on what your dog is presenting with and how long the issue has been present in your dog's body. Restricted exercise will be needed in between treatments to allow for optimum recovery. Failure to do so will prolong recovery time and increase the number of sessions needed to remedy the problem. We discuss your dog's everyday living activities and where improvements can be made to aid recovery or minimise the problem returning. Just as you improve a person's working conditions for their musculoskeletal benefit, you can also improve your dogs daily living for musculoskeletal benefits. Long term, this has huge health benefits and can make a huge difference to their lives.

Not all dogs take immediately to massage and may not settle at first, this is perfectly normal. Some dogs can feel vulnerable initially, or simply are in discomfort and do not want to be touched. Techniques are adapted to suit your dog and bring about comfort and relief. Over time your dog realises that the application of the techniques are there to help them feel more comfortable. Dogs are extremely clever and it still amazes me to this day the recognition that you see, when a dog knows that you are helping them to feel more comfortable in themselves.


A combination of techniques are used;

Myofascial Release

Deep tissue

Sports massage

Swedish massage

Neuromuscular Facilitation

Lymphatic drainage

Trigger point work

Therapy Treatments;

Duration: 1-1.5 hr


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