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Hooper Trials Uk was set up by Christine Bennett of Hooper Trailblazers in North Devon. The aim of Hooper Trials UK is to focus on accuracy of the dog, negotiating a course of hoops, barrels, tunnels and gates. Runs are not timed and purely rely on the skill of the handler and dog team to earn points to progress. Therefore it is no matter if your dog walks, trots or canters around a course. It is aimed at being a low impact sport for the dog. The aim of hoopers, is to handle your dog from a single box or 'Handler Area', placed strategically on the course. Humans that would struggle to run an agility course, can run their dog from a standing or even a sitting position. Great for dog's retiring from other disciplines where their bodies can no longer cope with the demand of the sport or work.

The concept of Hooper Trials UK is greatly supported by 'go canine.

Pop along to the website to find out more



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