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Hello and welcome to 'go canine. My name is Sam, a clinical canine massage therapist and core conditioning coach for dogs. I am based in Gunnislake, East Cornwall. The aim is to condition and strengthen the core, improve flexibility, balance, co-ordination and overall body awareness of the canine body; further improving the well being of our beloved companions, from young to old, to sporting and working dogs.
Clinical massage therapy and building core strength brings significant changes to dogs lives; improving comfort and mood, reducing injury risk, supporting orthopaedic conditions and increasing longevity.

Specialising in muscular issues you may see with your dog, such as lameness, limping, slowing down or stiffness, I am also able to help dogs with chronic pain management for conditions like, but not limited to, arthritis and hip dysplasia. I have trained for 2 years with the Canine Massage Therapy Centre on the externally accredited Clinical Canine Massage Practitioner Programme in Sports, Swedish, Deep Tissue massage and Myofascial release, alongside the Lenton Method, a scientific and systematic method of injury identification and myofascial release therapy. I am also a fully accredited, Licensed Canine Core Conditioning Coach, having trained alongside Emma Overend and Roz Davies, of the Canine Conditioning Academy.  Using latest research in core conditioning and teaching 14 scientifically proven exercises, to bring about strong core and increased flexibility, building strength from the inside out. I have also submitted work to contribute towards the world’s 1st Clinical trials on canine massage with Winchester University and Sparsholt University Centre. The results have now been published and can be found here (

I have seen first hand the benefits that massage and core conditioning have brought to my own dogs, Bella and Elliott, and am passionate about helping other dogs in the same way.


My beautiful Bella, sadly passed in July 2022. She taught me so much. Run free my beautiful girl. April 2008 - July 2022


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