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Classes For Fun

Over the summer months, I run fun training for owners and their dogs. Please note that I am not a behaviourist or a dog trainer. My classes incorporate lots of fun low impact games and activities that come from my 14 years of knowledge and experience of working with care of the canine musculoskeletal system and competitive canine sport. These games and activities can be learned and played daily in the home or out and about, incorporating mental and physical activities for the dog to further enhance their well-being. Suitable for puppies and seniors and any owner wishing to have an hour or two of fun with their 4 legged friend and like minded people. 


Sniffing games

Self-control games

Alternative safe games with a tennis ball/toys

Food games

Agility (Not for competition) - Jumps will not be placed at full competition height. No contact equipment. Weaves, jumps and tunnels only.

Proprioception, strengthening, balance and co-ordination activities carried out in a fun way to help your dogs mobility.

The classes will take on a mixed array of activities for the hour. Maximum of 4 dogs per class. 

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